Covid Safe Races

Please read all our guidance below and watch our safety videos so you can know what to expect at the race.

Safe Race Approval

We have approval from the Safety Advisory Group for Events (SAGE) for this new event format which is hugely exciting, and we feel is a real testament to the seriousness that we approach our events. This SAGE is local version of the national team that advises the government on safety. On the board are Public Health England, police, ambulance service and all council departments within Bath and North East Somerset Council. This is the highest level of approval an event can receive, it serves as the strongest signal that an event can have that we are doing things right. Whilst you read the event plan below, some of the format will be new, some things have changed, but this is absolutely the only way an event can be held right now.

We would love to have your support, to come together with us to celebrate that our event is happening, and to show that together we can make it a safe and fun race experience. 


Each event may have subtle differences, but in general all event currently planned and open for registrations will follow the same format and rules as set out below. 

Format - Individual or Small Groups

Runners will set off individually at 15-30 second intervals. We still do the timing, you do the running. We are working with a maximum of 100 runners on the route at any one time, this works out at 1 runner every 100m on average. Races with multiple distances, may therefore extend into the afternoon - please check the Event Schedules specific to each event for details. This is the only safe way to manage the numbers. Hopefully after months without a race, an afternoon run still sounds like a tempting prospect!

In time we hope to offer small wave starts, for example 5 runners every 1 minute, 25 runners every 5 minute or 50 runner every 10 minutes. We are currently taking registrations based on individual starts, whilst also gathering info on preferred wave size as noted above so we can switch you to a larger wave size if this option becomes available to us. 

Runners will register to be part of a Wave with an allocated start window. Eg 11:00 - 13:30. Runners within a Wave will be set off at 30 second intervals by seeding runners fastest to slowest, (predicted times to be supplied when you register). Organising runners fastest to slowest will reduce the need for runners to overtake, though due to the lapped nature of the Half Marathon, Marathon and 50km courses and the shared use of the path, you will likely need to overtake someone at some point. If you need to overtake a runner then pass with a 2m+ distance. If you are overtaken you must drop back by 10m before attempting to repass - we are confident this happens naturally, so what we are really saying is don't start running neck and neck. There will be regular breaks between waves of runners.

Everyone runs as an individual, the only exception is a maximum of two runners starting together if they are from the same household. Please only start as a pair if you intend to run the whole event together and you must run in single file at all times so that social distanced over taking can be achieved. If a household pair wishes to start at the same start time, you must select the same predicted time so that you appear next to each other in the start list. Please select a slightly obscure time to facilitate this, eg 24 mins, 12 seconds rather than 25mins, 0 seconds.. 

Unless noted otherwise, we are not insuring the events with UK Athletics so your results will not be on their websites. Where we have an accredited and officially measured route, we will still be using these same routes so you can have full confidence in your official time. We are using an specialist event insurance company to insure the events. 

Start Process

We hope to be able to return to small group/wave starts by the time of race. In 2020 we were setting off runners individually as set out below.

Race numbers will be laid out on desks with a paper weight. You can pull your race number out from under the paper weight without handling the paper weight. Grab a few safety pins and you are set. 

When you register you will have to select a predicted finish time which will be used to seed runners in your wave from fastest to slowest. Start lists will be published online on the Thursday before each race day, confirming your individual start time. You need to look up your race number and your individual start time. 

The start area is a place where everyone needs to be mindful of their social distancing. To make this as comfortable as possible for everyone we will lay out a grid of cones so that people waiting can be well spaced (yellow Xs), and so that when the next starter is called up (to the pink Xs), there is space for people to easily move through the waiting runners.

Safe Race

To keep inline with government guidance and our SAGE review, we have some easy to follow rules which I am sure you are all used to by now. Best summarised as; be socially distanced, apply hand wash/hand sanitiser and wear a face covering (not during your run), respect other users on the route. In more detail;

- Please do not attend the event if you have displayed any covid symptoms in the 14 days in the run up to the event.

-Please download the Track and Trace App to your know you will end up doing it eventually so lets do it now!

- Please wear a face covering before and after the event; particularly around indoor type spaces such as toilet blocks, registration marquees and medal collection tents. 

- If arriving by foot or bike, please aim to arrive with 30mins to spare before your start time. If arriving by shuttle bus (two tunnels), please follow the recommend times and you should arrive 30-45mins before your start time. Please make your way from the race site 30mins after you finish your race. 

- We are practising a 2m+ social distance policy, we have the luxury of space so we are going to make good use of it. One way systems will be in play with socially distanced markers on the floor where you might need to queue.  

- Number collection, medal and post race snack collection are all self serve. Bag drop is supervised, you drop and collect your own bag and show the matching baggage label tag and race number tag to exit the tent with your bag.

- If you see some hand sanitiser, please apply it. 

- Toilets are regularly cleaned throughout the day.

- Gatherings of 6 may only take place away from the main race areas; please don't meet up by the start line, or the finish area. We have use of the whole park. 

- Face coverings are required on any shuttle buses (two tunnels races) and when you move around the race site, before and after your run. Do not wear a face covering when you are running. If you lip read please contact us ahead of time so we can help with any additional arrangements that might be required. 

- At the moment spectators are not permitted at the events. When we can permit spectators it will be in a limited fashion, and please be aware that this permission may be withdrawn at any time so you need to be prepared for this possibility. 

- We are not performing temperature checks pre race. If you do not feel well in any way, do not attend the event. Covid tests are not available on site.

- The course is accessible to the public. As always, our definition of a successful event is one that our runners enjoy and one that the wider community enjoys. More so than ever, it is vital you respect the space of other users, there are far more significant matters at play here than chasing a new PB. Please give way to other users if you can not pass safely. 

- The Relish staff will be wearing PPE; masks, gloves/hand sanitiser, visors or screens will be used when we need to work more closely with you and each other. 

- Follow the UK Athletics Code of Conduct for Runners and Spectators respectively. 

Drinks Stations

For covid safety and environmental reasons there will be limited on course refreshments. We are no longer offering water in cups. At the drinks stations you can either refill your own bottle from our jerry cans (hand sanitiser provided) or grab a 250ml cardboard boxed water. Please only grab a 250ml box of water if you are going to drink it all. We are working on the basis of;

5km - no drinks station on route, no change. Water at the finish. 

10km - no drinks station on the course, you need to be self sufficient. Water at the finish. 

Half Marathon, Marathon, 50km - Drinks stations every 5km;jerry cans with water and high 5 electrolyte out on the course to top up your own supplies. Please apply hand sanitiser before using. Marshals will also wipe down the taps. Box water available at the finish. 

On course drinks stations and the finish will also have snacks. They will be in sealed individual packets; chocolate, mini soreen loaves, haribo, tribe bars (vegan) etc. We will not be offering our usual selection of fresh fruit.